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Our Team

Our reputable teachers provide an engaging and high-energy approach to teaching yoga that is unlike anything you've experienced before. We offer a physically challenging practice that helps you build strength, increase flexibility, and achieve greater vitality.


Nick Zogg loves people and the planet, and what’s possible for both through the practice of yoga. In 2019, Nick made a conscious decision to begin creating a project that explores how yoga can impact the most pressing issues of our time. We Thrive Vitality & Yoga is his passion project for the world - a stand for the possibility that the quality of life for all life on our planet can thrive.

Nick is a 500 E-RYT and Baptiste Certified Teacher who has taught yoga, meditation, and inquiry to thousands of students in a variety of settings - corporations, studios, schools, gyms, orphanages, you name it! Nick creates a dynamic yoga practice that allows students to immediately access the transformative power of yoga. Around Nick, students are able to breakthrough to new levels of freedom, connection, and possibility, on and off their mats. Nick has extensive experience providing leadership for the Baptiste Institute on the Core Assisting Team for Baptiste Programs Level One, Two, and Three, and through co-leading the Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Art of True North Alignment, and Being of Power.


I became a yoga student in 2004. In 2017, I received my 200hr RYT certification to deepen my own personal practice. After a near-death experience that year, where I had lost the ability to use my body like before, I fell into a place where not only was my body in distress, but my mental health was also struggling. During that time, the connection to my breath was all I had. It got me through. It was a pivotal point for me, as breath meant hope. I found what it meant to have a deeper spiritual connection through yoga, through breath. After that, and with the help of Nick Zogg rehabbing me back physically, I completed We Thrive's immersion in 2019, and that's when I learned to teach. I had a fierce passion burning within me, a healthy body, and a strong mind. I became a teacher because I want to spread hope.

I got my 200 hour RYT in Bali, Indonesia where I studied Hatha, & Ashtanga Vinyasa. However, it wasn't until I discovered Baptiste Power yoga during my training at the We Thrive Immersion that I truly fell in love with the teaching.

Ultimately, I am a yes for empowerment. I try to guide and lead people through asana practice with the intention that it translates off the mat; powerfully. 
I seek to create moving meditation and clarity on the mat, so that off the mat WE can be our best selves. 


Farida’s yoga classes are rooted in alignment and intelligent sequencing that brings an awareness of the subtle body while weaving yoga philosophy into the physical practice. Farida is interested in exploring ways to practice and teach that leave her students feeling grounded, peaceful, connected and expansive. Farida loves exploring and teaching the myths and stories behind the postures and how we as practitioners, can discover something about ourselves on and off the mat each time we practice.

We Thrive Yoga
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