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WE are a mission to awaken and empower people to take action and create solutions that has the vitality of their lives, and all life, thrive.


We are committed to being a model for how a business can thrive, while simultaneously impacting some of the world’s global issues, such as climate change, resource conservation, and social justice. You’ll find all kinds of ways We Thrive is striving to meet this standard from teaching yoga to underserved populations, to innovating employee potential, to using the power of nature to run through rain retention, solar panels, and more… We believe that the practices that elevate the quality of life for all life, including our environment, is what has businesses thrive.


The entire We THRIVE garden is curated to elevate the quality of your life and your health. Practice in our environment that is designed to help your body take a break from the modern, harmful exposure that surrounds us almost everywhere.

At We Thrive, you will be surrounded by plants, sunshine, fresh air, and community. The We Thrive space is pesticide and toxin free. We use natural cleaners, and the yoga studio space is EMF (electromagnetic force) and VOC (volatile organic compound) free. We encourage you to put away your phone while you visit us, and experience your body in a truly healing environment.

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